Our global outreach consists of strategic partnerships that empower us to spread the gospel and impart the kingdom culture and resources with which we have received and been blessed by.

Global Partnerships
Jacob & Julie Bock (Spain)
Rocky & Sherry Grams (Argentina)
Dwight Palmquist (Philippines)
Dr. Sarah (Middle East)
M. & C. W. (Middle East)
Gia Tou Lee (Hmong)
E. Scott & Crystal Martin (Chi Alpha National)
Sam & Jennifer Dharam (Asia YWAM)
Michael & Pamela Berkowitz (Acts Two42)

Global Projects
Bible College (D.R. Congo)
Wells (D.R. Congo; Zambia)
Annual Regional Pastors Conference (Zambia)
Clothing/Toys/Toiletries Drive (Ivory Coast)
Hmong Church Planting (SE Asia)